Cannabis 101: Different Ways to Consume Marijuana

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If you’re new to the cannabis scene, you’ve probably noticed that there are a ton of different ways to use marijuana. From edibles, vapes, pipes, papers and dabs, there’s a method for almost every person and every preference.

See the different ways to consume cannabis below:

Smoking cannabis: Like generations before us, smoking cannabis has always been a popular way to consume marijuana.

Hand pipes are typically the most common product used for smoking cannabis. Like a pipe for tobacco, the device traps the smoke inside a chamber when the cannabis is burned, which allows it to be easily inhaled by the user.

If you want to take your smoking to the next level, water pipes (commonly called bongs or bubblers) use water at the bottom of the chamber to cool down the smoke. These devices typically have larger funnels for smoke, so the high is a little more intense.

Rolling papers (Joints) are also used to smoke cannabis that has been grinded down and rolled into a paper composition that’s typically made of hemp, rice, or bamboo.

For the health-conscious smoker, vaporizers are an excellent option for smoking cannabis. Vaporizers heat the cannabis at a specific temperature that allows the THC, CBD, and other types of cannabinoids to be extracted from the flower – they also cut down on some of the more harmful toxins that are released with burning cannabis.

If you’re an experienced smoker, you might want to try dabbing. Smokers with higher tolerances like dabbing because the product is more potent, and you can feel the effects of cannabis for longer. A dab is a tiny amount of cannabis oil that is dropped onto a hot surface that allows it to turn into a powerful vapor. To dab, you will need to use a glass pipe – similar to, but different from a bong – known as a “dab rig” to heat up and inhale the concentrated oil.

Edibles: If smoking is not your thing, you can consume cannabis by ingesting products containing marijuana, commonly called edibles. Edibles usually generate a longer-lasting high, with stronger effects on your body and mind.

Tinctures are the liquid form of cannabis that work best for consumers who want to control their dosage, without smoking. To use tinctures, a person will place 3-4 drops under their tongue which allows the cannabis to be absorbed quickly into the body. You can also purchase ingestible oils which are swallowed and digested like a common vitamin.

Topical cannabis: If you’re looking to consume cannabis without the “high” effect, topical creams and oils are used a lot to provide consumers with pain relief. Creams full of cannabis extract are activated when they are massaged into your skin and can alleviate symptoms of pain or discomfort associated with muscle aches or soreness.

Cannabis products like oils and creams high in CBD properties are also great for treating chronic pain. In fact, a study in the Journal of Pain and research found that cannabinoid topicals were proven to reduce pain and inflammation in animals.

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